You can afford ownership in a whole new lifestyle, where vacationing is always about where and when you go, and never about if you go.

Tailor made vacations

  • A wide choice of tailor made holidays is available from all over the world for those looking to create a more personalized vacations experience. Choose the departure date, duration and activities as per your need. All our tailor made holidays are from specialist operators committed to the local communities & environment.

Save money with Vacation Ownership

  • By choosing to own your holidays rather than rent them, you are protected from holiday rental inflation. You only pay a once-off acquisition cost plus an annual levy to own your holidays year after year!

Unforgettable Memories

  • Enrolled for the Leisure Club membership and create memories for lifetime
  • Explore the joy of being with each other
  • Enjoy fun filled holidays with family and friends
  • And experience life… you always wanted to be
  • Unlimited Fun
  • Experience unlimited fun with Leisure Club membership


The Leisure Club New Delhi family leisure club
  • Holiday for 25 years, 7 days every year
  • Rejuvenating family holidays in 19 resorts in stunning holiday locales
  • 6700+RCI affiliate resorts worldwide with your 2-year (extendable) free membership
  • Memberships on easy EMIs to make holidaying inflation - free
  • Choice of accommodation in Luxurious resorts that suit your family

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