Being a member of Leisure Club gifts you pleasures in life which ensure that there are some great times to look forward to each year when you plan the next vacation. Enjoy rejuvenating vacations at 22 stunnings resorts across the most magical of locations in India. Members have often been left enchanted by their experience with Leisure Club. Read excerpts from quotes below from some of our members:


"As new members we have very excellent holidays at Hideaway and Naini Retreat firmly believe that the hospitality and intention of LEISURE HOTELS is superb."

Mr. Arvind Kapur
7 Oct'13


"Being a red season member of leisure club I am extremely satisfied with my decision to buy membership so much so that I have purchased the 2nd membership of same club. I personally recommend to buy a leisure club membership to all my friends and person interested in luxury and relaxed travelling."

Dr. Manoj Tyagi
Bijnor, UP
18 Oct'13


"I am very thankful for providing me a stay at the corbett hideaway.I was even provided an early check-in.we had a very good stay and the management was very friendly.The resort was very good and the food was also good.Thank you for providing me a good stay.We had a very good experience."

Sandeep Soni
26 Nov


"What makes a club member happy happy
... when you answer the phone on the first ring with a cheerful greeting...
... when you completed that task on time..
... when you completed the desires of the member and make his / her holiday charmed and cheerful...

And I could loudly say that Leisure Club Care.

The service you provided exceeded all expectations, and guarantees a continuing successful relationship.

Your ability to accommodate, even when it wasn't easy or convenient, assures others of a continuing, enjoyable, successful relationship with you.

Initial dealings were friendly and efficient, always with a relatively quick response. You are always happy to accept my requests and occasionally suggested alternatives I'm very pleased to say that they are excellent good knowledge and enthusiasm, polite and engaging. We had no issues at all.

The purpose of giving feedback is to encourage effective behavior. So, look for anything you want repeated."

Deepak Arora
Amroha, UP
20 Nov'13

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